"Christian Bale" raping
Music:Juke Bottle Casino
Track(s):Dirt's Age
Release date:July 6, 2007
Body count:1
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Crap is the first in a series of random short animations that Krinkels made, the other being Garbage, Piss and Vomit. This is the first Madness-based animation to use faces instead of crosses on some characters.


The animation begins with two Madness characters standing next to each other. The first claims to be "Christian Bale," but the second person denies this claim. "Christian Bale" then reasserts that he is Christian Bale before shouting "GIVE ME YOUR POKEMONS!" His face turns into the look of disapproval (ಠ_ಠ) and proceeds to rape the other character, saying "Satisfactory."

Next, the scene cuts to an "awesome smiley" face saying, "I will eat your soul, lol."

Lastly, a look-of-disapproval faced character with a Mossberg 500 begins to shoot a person several times, changing his face to an awesome smiley.

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