"2BDamned", as seen in DedmosRebuilt.fla.
Allies:Deimos, Fellow09

"2BDamned" is the screen-name used by an as-of-yet unnamed new ally of Deimos. He helps Deimos escape from Purgatory during the events of DedmosRebuilt.fla. He wears a face-mask, red googles with some sort of light attachment, bandages around his jaw, a black vest, and a dark gray shirt.



Despite his screen-time itself being short, 2BDamned plays the role of the deuteragonist in the final short of Deimos' Adventures. He, along with another individual known as "Fellow09", are part of an extraction team that is attempting to rescue Deimos from Purgatory.

He first appears in Nevada near a tent with a console and rifle inside, staring off into the distance. Suddenly, 2BDamned's console lights up, and he approaches it to see the notification. Fellow09 informs him that he has found Deimos, and requests for him to be anchored. 2BDamned heads away from the tent to activate the anchor, but by the time he does, Deimos had already beaten Fellow09 to death and dodged the anchor.

Throughout the next segment, 2BDamned attempts to anchor Deimos a few more times, none of which succeed. Due to this, 2BDamned attempts to communicate to Deimos through posters on the walls, telling him cooperate and chastising him for being cocky, as well as warning him "try not to drag Hell back in with you".

Eventually, 2BDamned manages to bring Deimos back after hitting him with a button. Back in Nevada, he taps some things into his tablet next to Deimos's embedded corpse, and then pulls a lever, which brings the stone-ridden Deimos into Nevada. 2BDamned approaches Deimos with a syringe and sticks it into the back of his neck off-screen, as four giant Agents and a giant Soldat appear, with bony protrusions in their faces. As 2BDamned and Deimos face the four large agents, 2BDamned dryly complains "God damn it Deimos" as the animation ends.


  • As Krinkels was asked if 2BDamned is part of the same group as Sanford and Deimos, Krinkels answered: "Yes, they have history. I'm eager to explore it."
  • 2BDamned's goggle design once had less detail, with more open, grey-tinted lenses and no light attachment.

2BDamned's original design. Note the less-detailed goggles.

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