Release date:April 18, 2018
Running time:1:29
Body count:7
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ANAMNESIS.fla is a canon animation by Krinkels, featuring Deimos as the protagonist, continuing where SACRIFICE.fla left off.


The animation opens in an eerie room that Deimos has been smashed into by the chains at the end of SACRIFICE.fla. Another chain bursts out of the ceiling and pulls Deimos into the room, now heavily damaged from the injuries sustained in the previous short. A 1337 agent walks into the room with an MP7, which Deimos grabs and stabs the agent in the head with using the magazine. Deimos then looks into a window in the wall next to him, and sees what appears to be Sanford. Deimos waves to him, going unnoticed, as Sanford flips a switch. A Mossberg 500-wielding soldat then enters the room and kills Sanford, shooting him as he attempted to jump over the buckshot.

Deimos reacts by shooting the soldat and starting to rush to the room, but is met with a quick flash of "NAH" on the door as it denies him entry. A chain bursts out of the ceiling again, pulls Deimos into the roof, and then Deimos is thrown back into the room through the floor. Without looking into the window again, Deimos rushes into the room where Sanford was killed, reaching it after killing another agent with an M-11 and another soldat with an MP5. Deimos finds that the room has been reset, with both Sanford and the soldat entering it again as they had before. Deimos quickly dispatches the soldat, saving Sanford. Deimos then promptly attempts to interact with Sanford, at which point the screen flashes and Sanford suddenly changes, a black void in the place of his face and cracks being created on the ground where he walks. He seemingly teleports between punching and cracking the wall, and looking at Deimos as a faded image of himself moves towards his body. Sanford finally ends up embedded in the ground, and a chain bursts out of the ceiling and latches onto Deimos, pulling him towards it before a section of the ceiling moves downward and crushes Deimos against the floor. Animation ends.



  • All of the rooms in the animation are strangely covered in dark, thick lines, possibly suggesting they are made up of parts of multiple buildings.
  • The window where Deimos watches Sanford get killed has a scribble pointing to him reading "DUMB IDIOT".

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