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The "A.A.H.W." poster

The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton (A.A.H.W.), is an organization of non-unique characters led by the Auditor and the main antagonists of the Madness series whose immediate goal is to take out Hank J. Wimbleton. Later on, their role was expanded to take out any other opposition to their group, such as Jesus, Sanford, Deimos and 2BDamned.

Under the Auditor's shadowy leadership, new ranks such as those of the Accelerated Training Program and the mag agent were revealed, along with slight upgrades to the l33t agents.

It is shown throughout the series that the working conditions of the A.A.H.W. are extremely poor. The Auditor's very bad temper has led to him murdering his own men in cold blood for no reason other than being frustrated. He also “upgraded” 2 engineers, making them fiercely efficient in combat (to the point where they actually killed a main character) but completely robbing them of free will, or what little free will they had. He’s allowed to upgrade or kill whoever he wants whenever he wants. He also is extremely adamant about not failing, having agents and grunts brutalized, and put on display for the others to see in order to scare them into submission. Tricky also mostly shares this free reign, as he sends them to what he knows is their inevitable deaths just for the fun of it. Essentially, the people working for the A.A.H.W. are working for a complete dictator who does not care about their lives in the slightest, all while constantly under the threat of being attacked by one of the main characters that will inevitably brutally murder them.

Two of the series's main characters, Jesus and Tricky had been associated with the A.A.H.W. Until the time of Madness Combat 6.5, Jesus was an ally of the A.A.H.W., frequently reviving its men who were killed by Hank. Since Madness Combat 7, Jesus defected to become an enemy to the agency. Tricky shared a similar fate, essentially being marked for death by the A.A.H.W. after causing the defeat / possible temporary death of the Auditor in Madness Combat 10, given the Auditor actually assisted Hank and Deimos just to kill tricky.

In Madness: Project Nexus (Classic), the A.A.H.W. is supposedly hostile to the titular Nexus Project. Despite this, their units (And the L33T Crew) appear to stop Sanford and Deimos from accomplishing their objectives to shut down the project. In MADNESS: Project Nexus, this has been remedied: the A.A.H.W. and the Nexus Core are indifferent towards one another, and the Agency cares only about hunting Hank. In the late-game mission Climb the Nexus Core alert the A.A.H.W. to Hank's location, hoping the fanatical Agency can stop the intruder. (Rather ironically, unknown to the rest of the A.A.H.W., the Auditor actually hired Hank to destroy the Nexus Core)


The Nexus Core has access to an array of soldiers, ranging from the disposable to the specialized.
- MADNESS: Project Nexus Kickstarter

A screen that shows the different unit ranks.

Concept art for the A.A.H.W. units in MADNESS: Project Nexus

The organization contains six different units:


The Grunts are plain characters wearing grey shirts. These are usually newly signed-up agents whose fighting skills do not surpass riot - or panic fighting. Their presence in the series began to decrease since Madness Depredation as they were gradually replaced by agents.


1337 agents, later known as l33t agents, are dressed in business suits and "Smith shades." They are one rank higher than soldiers. In their first appearances, they were often armed with Desert Eagles. However, since Madness Combat 7 they began using a larger variety of firearms and melee weapons. These anonymous characters are most likely meant to control improved hand-to-hand and firearm fighting skills; in Madness Combat 7, one was seen instructing two soldiers in push ups. However, they do not seem to be much more of a match to main characters such as Hank and Jesus than regular soldiers.

A.T.P. engineers

A.T.P. engineers wear yellow-visored masks and suits. A very notable difference between engineers and agents is their yellow-colored blood. A screen in Madness Combat 7.5 reveals that advanced engineers are superior to agents in intellect and leadership rather than combat skills.

A.T.P. soldats

A.T.P. soldats are members of the A.A.H.W. who are specialized in combat after being upgraded. However, most of them never fully passed production stage. They wear business suits and yellow eyepieces; some of them also wear a sash around their bodies. They are upgrades of l33t agents and are of the same rank as advanced engineers. Like the engineers, they shed yellow blood. They appear to be more aggressive in combat, and take longer to kill than agents and engineers. In the canon episodes they first appeared in Madness Combat 7.5, and had since ceased production since Sanford and Deimos destroyed the production facility, however they were seen in Madness Combat 11 as one of the A.A.H.W units summoned by Tricky.


Retainers are a type of A.A.H.W. unit that are larger than average, although not at the size of a Mag Agent, who patrol Hell, trying to keep Hank in it. They wear a mask that is surgically attached to their heads with a pair of wires coming out of a metal plate on the side of their head. They possess psychic powers, and are able to fly, teleport, and telekinetically move objects and other beings with their minds. They also have great physical strength as well.


Half-Mags are Agents who have been magnified, roughly the same height as a G03LM. They resemble Agents, but with defined facial scarring, glasses, and suits. They behave similarly to G03LMs as well, being lumbering and being stunned after doing a frenzied attack. They will occasionally charge up and launch a punch that will ragdoll anyone near them.

Mag Agents

Mag agents are A.A.H.W. units that are magnified about four times the size of a regular character, giving them very high damage resistance and stamina several times that of a regular character. They have long, claw-like fingernails and weapons that are scaled to fit their size. Only six of these agents have appeared so far in the series: One in Madness Combat 7: Consternation, who resembles a l33t agent with stakes in his head; two in Madness Combat 8: Inundation, who are the Auditor's bodyguards; one in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation who was supposedly a beta type; two in Madness Combat 10: Abrogation who wear red visors. A fifth type of Mag Agent also appears as the final boss of Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) Episode 1. A sixth type also appears as a mid-boss of Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) Episode 1.5. A seventh type with heavy armor appears in the non-canon Incident: 110A. A seventh varient appears multiple times in Project Nexus, where they appear alongside their much smaller comrades in Sanford and Hank's climb up the Nexus Core HQ.


  • If the A.A.H.W. permanently terminate Hank, they would probably throw a pizza party, as told by Krinkels.
  • Krinkels does have plans to add more units to A.A.H.W., as the main line up only has 4.