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Debut:Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances:1 (game only)

... Oh, and the bandits. Those lovable, opportunistic, cowardly scavengers. Not so much a 'faction' as a bunch of dangerously far flung splinter groups stealing, looting, and killing for sheer pleasure. They are as every bit as dangerous as that sounds.
- Krinkels: Bandits + The kickstarter needs your help!

Bandits are a new type of enemy unit to be featured in the upcoming game Madness: Project Nexus 2. They are described as cowardly, opportunistic scavengers who neither have singular leaders nor permanent loyalties.

In the story missions revealed thus far, Bandits are weak and poorly-armed enemies fought primarily outside the city gates or along the rooftops of abandoned apartments. Most of their dialogue is threats to cannibalize the heroes, and complaining about their diet of "literal garbage" in the words of Sanford.

Bandit Berzerker

A second class of bandits, the bandit berzerker, is a hyper-aggressive form of the bandit.


Survivors are a variant of bandits who defend themselves from zombies by hiding in bases, and wear improvised armor made out of scrap metal. They are lead by brutes. They still make generic cannibal quotes, but they can actually speak proper english. They love smoke and keep on trying to produce it. They wear gas masks and scrap metal as armor.

Bandit Brute

Bandit brutes are G03LM-sized bandits. As to be expected they have more health and hit harder than normal bandits. They act as leaders of small groups of bandits, presumably by simply bullying their lessers into compliance. Often, brutes will begin to swing wildly with a flurry of punches; if dodged, this will tire them out, leaving them open to a takedown attack from behind.


Fanatics are a tribe of bandits who worship Nexus City as holy ground. They have taken to building crosses out of scrap metal and carrying them on their backs. Like the other tribes they are poorly armed, but their zealotry makes them more dangerous melee fighters. Most of them carry throwing knives.

Graveseeker Bandit

Graveseeker Bandits are G03LM-sized Fanatics. Unlike Bandit Brutes they are rather solemn, asking the player to politely leave before attacking with the usual level of murderous intent. Most of them carry sticks of dynamite.

Cyber Bandit

Only available in Playground Mode. They have no use other than that they were a backer reward.


  • The concept of the bandit berzerkers seem to be similar to the Psychos from the Borderlands series.
  • In Playground Mode, Fanatics are friendly with zombies.

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