Billy club
BillyClub MC8
The billy club
Used by:Sanford, Deimos, Tricky, agents, A.T.P. engineer, riot guards

A billy club, or truncheon, is a small club that appears in several Madness episodes. The first animation it appeared in is Madness Combat 8: Inundation, used by a few l33t agents. Both Sanford and Deimos used a billy club in Madness Combat 6.5.

The billy club is also a usable weapon in Madness: Project Nexus. In Episode 1.5 of the Story Mode, it is a common sidearm among riot guards.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

Billy Club
Damage Range Accuracy Durability
8 120 - 30
- - - -
A favorite for law enforcement in the company of hostile combatants.
Price $578

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