Burger Gil
Burger gil
Burger Gil serving his loyal customers.
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances:1 (game only)
Enemies:Sanford, Deimos,

Burger Gil is a celebrity chef in Nevada, and a boss fight in the upcoming game Madness: Project Nexus 2.

Gil is first mentioned on a billboard in the tutorial level, Road to Nexus City, teaching the player they can hold Shift for stronger melee attacks. When Hank reads the billboard he becomes pessimistic about Gil's chances of survival.

Hank's prediction is proven right in the mission Beat the Streets — Gil is now a zombie. Gil has retained some sentience and doggedly continues cooking burgers with whatever meat he has to hand: other zombies. Despite their reverence for Gil, Sanford and Deimos are forced to kill him to proceed.


Burger Gil begins the battle with six Corpus blocks for health, and like the player his damaged blocks can regenerate if not fully broken. Gil's attack pattern changes based on his remaining health, in roughly three phases. Gil is also accompanied by a never-ending swarm of normal zombies, up to five at once.

At the start of the battle Gil will simply walk toward either Sanford or Deimos and swing his meat cleaver and kitchen knife at them. So long as Sanford and Deimos have TAC-bar remaining they will have little to worry about, and should focus on chipping away at Gil without getting surrounded by zombies.

After losing two Corpus blocks Gil will drop his cleaver. When close to Sanford or Deimos he will throw punches, otherwise he will grab the piles of burgers littered about the counters and throw them at his target. The burgers deal damage comparable to bullets, so they should not be underestimated.

In his final phase, Gil can chase his targets with blinding speed. He will dart at his target and grapple them, dealing heavy damage. The player must be fast to finish off Gil — watching Sanford and Deimos get their skulls cracked against the countertop wastes valuable time in which Gil can regenerate his health, and without any Bandages in the kitchen the player won't be able to repair any of their own broken Corpus blocks. It is advisable to save a firearm and some ammo to finish off Gil before he can close the distance, or grab a nearby pile of burgers to throw.

Once Gil is finally defeated, Sanford and Deimos will be able to enter the elevator and finish the stage.

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