Release date:January 11, 2018
Running time:1:20
Body count:4
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CHASE.fla is a canon animation made by Krinkels, featuring Deimos as the protagonist.


The video starts off with a panel floating in the sky. A chain is seen bursting out from a panel, shortly followed by a grunt exiting the hole it made and crossing it to a plane into which the chain is embedded. The grunt grabs a lever from his back and thrusts it into the plane, which he uses to set the world's gravity. He calls to a grunt on the other side of the hole, apparently observing him working in a floating sphere. The second grunt opens a locker with a keypad, revealing three parts of a device, which he assembles then throws inside. The first grunt either scans his face with the device or interprets instructions then detaches a syringe to examine a rotting corpse next to a broken chain hook, but is interrupted by a second chain impaling him from a second panel, from which Deimos emerges. He is pursued by three A.T.P. soldats, whom he dispatches with ease with a lever-action shotgun. He then discards the gun, and pulls the lever to turn the world upside-down with the intent of falling into the first hole, but he misses and end up hitting the panel, after that he tries to hold it but fails and falls on the sky.



  • Chaseboard
    CHASE.fla is the first animation wherein Deimos appears without Sanford, the second being this short's sequel.
  • Along with an old, broken chain hook embedded in the world and the corpse nearby, next to the locker containing the unknown device is a whiteboard covered in writing and a diagram of a sphere, suggesting these entities have been studied for some time.
  • Deimos is covered in burn marks where he was fatally wounded in Madness Combat 9, similar to those sustained by Hank from the Auditor in Madness Combat 10.
  • The soldats pursuing Deimos are wearing Madness: Project Nexus body armor, wearing the light-weight Armored Vest, Padded Vest, and medium-weight Armored Vest, respectively.

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