Release date:January 11, 2018
Running time:1:20
Body count:4+
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CHASE.fla is a non-canon animation made by Krinkels, featuring Deimos as the protagonist.


The video starts off with a panel floating in the sky. A chain is seen bursting out from a panel, shortly followed by a grunt exiting the hole it made and crossing it to a plane into which the chain is embedded. The grunt grabs a lever from his back and thrusts it into the plane, which he uses to set the world's gravity. He calls to a grunt on the other side of the hole, apparently observing him working in a floating sphere. The second grunt opens a locker with a keypad, revealing three parts of a device, which he assembles then throws inside. The first grunt either scans his face with the device or interprets instructions then detaches a syringe to examine a rotting corpse next to a broken chain hook, but is interrupted by a second chain impaling him from a second panel, from which Deimos emerges. He is pursued by three A.T.P. soldats, whom he dispatches with ease with a lever-action shotgun. He then discards the gun, and pulls the lever to turn the world upside-down with the intent of falling into the first hole, but misses and falls into the sky.



  • Chaseboard
    CHASE.fla is the first animation wherein Deimos appears without Sanford, the second being this short's sequel.
  • Along with an old, broken chain hook embedded in the world and the corpse nearby, next to the locker containing the unknown device is a whiteboard covered in writing and a diagram of a sphere, suggesting these entities have been studied for some time.
  • Deimos is covered in burn marks where he was fatally wounded in Madness Combat 9, similar to those sustained by Hank from the Auditor in Madness Combat 10.
  • The soldats pursuing Deimos are wearing Madness: Project Nexus body armor, wearing the light-weight Armored Vest, Padded Vest, and medium-weight Armored Vest, respectively.

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