Carbon knife
Carbonknife MC8
The carbon knife
Used by:Hank, Sanford, Deimos, grunts, agents, A.T.P. engineers, A.T.P. soldats
Kill(s):5 (1 non-canon)

The carbon knife is a melee weapon that Deimos uses in Madness Combat 5.5, Madness Combat 6.5 and Madness Combat 9: Aggregation. Sanford also uses it to kill several A.T.P. soldats in Madness Combat 7.5. It first appears in Madness Combat 8: Inundation, where it is in the hands of A.T.P. engineers throughout the animation.

The carbon knife also appears in Madness: Project Nexus along with a version with a longer blade called the carbon sword.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

Carbon Knife
Damage Range Accuracy Durability
6 105 - 100
- - - -
Specially crafted short blade with an outstanding lifespan. It may even outlast its wielder.
Price $403

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