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Birth name: Sean Hodges
Activities: Musician
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Sean Hodges, better known as "Cheshyre", is the composer of most of Madness Combat's musical score. His internet alias "Cheshyre," comes from the Cheshire Cat, which he uses as his logo.

Cheshyre has had a number of references to him in the Madness Combat animations, most notably in Madness Apotheosis, in which he is referred to as a challenger in the DJ match at Club M against Tricky on the club's posters.

Cheshyre is also the creator for most of the soundtrack of Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) which includes songs like Nuclear Mutation, Duck and Cover, and Fight or Flight. As of the 1.7 update he is also a non-playable character in the Arena Combat Mode of Project Nexus (Classic), available for purchase as a squadmate.

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