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Civ basic.png
A civilian, ducking for cover.
Debut: Madness Combat 1
Appearances: 9 (5 non-canon)
Role(s): Neutral
Kills: 0
Deaths: 8+ (3 non-canon)

A civilian is a character who does not partake in fighting. Civilians make occasional appearances in the Madness Combat series. They are usually unadorned Madness characters like grunts.


Madness Combat 1

In the first episode, a dancing civilian was seen in the background. Although he was not an aggressor, Hank shot him with a PPK at the end of the episode.

Madness Combat 6: Antipathy

A group of what appeared to be tourists was seen in Madness Antipathy. At the same time that the locomotive containing Hank and Tricky was falling, these civilians were taking a photograph near a ledge. Shortly, they were crushed and killed by the falling train.

At the end of the episode, another civilian, the hot dog vendor, appeared. Upon seeing Hank attack Tricky, he hurriedly left the scene.

Madness Combat 6.5

The Nevada Supermall contained several shopkeepers, such as a cafeteria worker and a cashier for The Rift. None of them fought Sanford and Deimos, save for the NVSM Quartermaster shopkeeper, who withdrew a Colt Revolver, which was taken away by Sanford, and shortly thereafter killed.

Madness Combat 8: Inundation

The hot dog vendor appeared again in this episode selling hot dogs to A.A.H.W. units in the Auditor's building.

Tricky Madness 2

A few civilians appeared in Tricky Madness 2. They played the role of being Tricky's victims and were mercilessly mauled by his sword and chainsaw.

Incident: 010A

A civilian was seen in Incident: 010A fleeing from a horde of zombies and desperately knocking on the door of a building full of agents. After Hank slaughtered several zombies, he threw this civilian through the boarded-up window in order to enter the building. The civilian watched Hank fight the agents and eventually a Mag Agent: V4. While watching the mag agent stab Hank's corpse with a dragon sword, the civilian lit up a cigarette and began smoking right before the episode's end.

Incident: 011A

At the end of Incident: 011A, a civilian, who has the exact same attire, stain and all, as the hot dog vendor, was seen mopping up Mag Agent: Torture's blood after he was killed by a grunt's M203.

Incident: 100A

In Incident: 100A, Sanford kidnapped a civilian who was first seen being beaten by an agent. After killing their way through the building, Sanford and Deimos brought the civilian into a truck. They took him to Hank, who examined him and said that he was the "wrong guy."

Incident: 101A

A delivery man was the main character of Incident: 101A. He was delivering a package to a grunt and before he was able to leave, he was stopped by a group of other grunts throwing a surprise birthday party. Tricky suddenly jumped out of the cake and killed everyone in the room, including the delivery man.

The same civilian from Incident: 011A enters the room at the end of the episode, surprised to see the mess of corpses left by Tricky.