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Dad with an afro and monocle
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Dad or Dadness Combat is a parody series created by Tasers. Krinkels loves it, finding them 'obnoxiously awesome' and hosts them on his site.

During the series Dad would rape every major and minor character in Madness Combat, claiming that they were his children. The plot twist at the end of the 20th episode is that he was not the father of anyone.

Characters raped

He has been raped by:

  • Mom twice
  • Hank (jokingly, in the credits of a collab called Madness Destruction)
  • Heather

Other notable characters

The Mag Agent: Torture 'Maggy' or 'Mr. Nails,' is Dad's only rival in "enlightenment" (euphemism rape). Unlike Dad though, he refers to rape as "blessing" someone and he has a large spike like the ones on his face for a penis. He also uses a different music theme for blessing someone, which Dad dislikes. Mr. Nails even got his own spinoff series originally created by George-Lucas-III, but it was later remade by the animator Gabriel Barsch, who added voices to all the characters and was the only voice actor.

Space Whale is Dad's trusty companion. He is a whale that goes into space and speaks in rainbow.

Heather, who is Hank after a sex change who wears white clothing and pink lenses instead of Hank's red ones. She apparently loves dad and was the only one besides Mom to willingly have sex with him. Whenever she appears, she exclaims "HAI BOIZ!"

General Jolly (an obvious reference to Matt Jolly), who is the real father of all of everyone. The author didn't intend that particular coincidence. A popular theory among Dad enthusiasts is that Dad is the first Mag Agent: V2 killed in Madness Combat 8: Inundation. Dad was a Mag Agent V2 in the first and tenth episodes, after all.

The series was thought to have ended when Dad's penis gets hammered off by Mom's Banhammer and he finds a drill and becomes a Big Daddy a la bioshock, but a few more episodes came afterward with Dad still enlightening others even though he knows he isn't their father.

One final episode was later released called "Dadness Portals," hosted on Newgrounds instead of Krinkels' site. As the name suggests, the episode contains references to the video game Portal. It has since been blammed off Newgrounds.