Dancing man
The dancing man in Leisurely Ragtime
Debut:Madness Combat 1
Appearances:3 (1 non-canon)
Role(s):Comic relief, neutral
Deaths:2 (1 non-canon)
Enemies:Hank (canon),
Saucy (non-canon)

A dancing man is a random Madness character that serves as comic relief in the series.


Madness Combat 1

The dancing man was seen dancing in the background throughout the first episode, apparently oblivious to the carnage around him. In the end, Hank shot him with a PPK.

Madness Combat 3: Avenger

DancingMan MC1

The dancing man in Madness Combat 1 and Madness Combat 3

A dancing man was seen on the Sheriff's Improbability Drive monitor near the end of the animation. This is either recorded footage from Madness Combat 1 or another random dancing man.

Leisurely Ragtime

In Leisurely Ragtime, a faced character with an early 1900s look, including a hat and coat, took on a role as the dancing man. He was dancing to hip-hop, attracting the attention of two others, before being stabbed to death by Saucy. He was brought back to life as a zombie and󠂪 continued dancing.

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