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Desert Eagle
Type: Pistol
Attachment(s): Laser sight
Used by: Hank, Jesus, Mag Agent: V2, grunt, elite bodyguard, agent, A.T.P. engineer, A.T.P. soldat, Skeleton, Dr. Christoff
Kill(s): 77 (38 non-canon)

The Desert Eagle ("Deagle" for short) is an Israeli magnum pistol seen in the Madness Combat series. The Desert Eagle is mostly associated with the 1337 Crew because of its popularity with the agents.

The Desert Eagle debuted in Madness Redeemer in which Jesus used it to dispatch Hank. The Desert Eagle is featured with a Laser sight in Madness Apotheosis. Its most recent canon design first appeared in Madness Combat 6.5, where it was wielded by an agent against Deimos. In Madness Inundation, a giant Desert Eagle with an extended magazine was used by the first Mag Agent: V2. In Madness Combat 9.5, it is used by the first-ever A.T.P. Soldat to be encountered by Hank.

The Desert Eagle is a weapon featured in Madness Interactive. It can kill a regular foe with two shots to the body. In Madness: Project Nexus (Classic), the Desert Eagle is one of the most powerful pistols available.

Madness Interactive stats

Desert Eagle
Damage Ammo
2 7

Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) stats

Desert Eagle .50Action
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
12 125 6 7
÷20 150 - ×2
What more needs to be said about this semi automatic magic wand? Just wave it at the bad guys and shout 'Headicus Explodicus!'
Price $1110 $1443

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