Dr. Jebidiah Christoff
  • Dr. Christoff from level [1.5-A]
  • Dr. Christoff from level [1.5-B]
  • Dr. Christoff from level [1.5-C] to [1.5-E]
  • Dr. Christoff with the halo from level [1.5-E] to [1.5-F]
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances:1 (game only)
Allies:Dr. Hofnarr
Enemies:Project Nexus, Phobos

Dr. Jebidiah Christoff is the protagonist of Episode 1.5 of Madness: Project Nexus's Story Mode. Episode 1.5 is effectively the origin story of Jesus, albeit in a different continuity than the canon animations. Dr. Christoff used to be the chief scientist of Nevada's research fifteen years ago. He was in charge of a resurrective cloning project called Project Nexus, but something went horribly wrong with the experiments, so he defected from the project.He later enlisted the help of an old friend, the eccentric Dr. Hofnarr, whose high-level access granted Dr. Christoff entry into the Science Tower.

In the Science Tower, Dr. Christoff obtained his halo, which gave him the power to levitate[1], fire Nexus bolts[2],that disintergrate weaker opponents and to drop projectiles[2], that deal area damage around Dr. Christoff. In the Solarium, Dr. Christoff fought and killed Phobos, saying his catchphrase, "Good night, Phobos." Despite his victory over the Nexus, the narration stated that "the Savior's job is far from over."

  1. Replacing the ability to dodge
  2. 2.0 2.1 Using Magic Bar, that replaces Bullet Time

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