Dr. Hofnarr
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus
Appearances:1 (game only)
Allies:Dr. Christoff
Enemies:Project Nexus

Dr. Hofnarr is a character who only appears in Episode 1.5 of Madness: Project Nexus, seen in levels [1.5-B] and [1.5-C]. Hofnarr was an eccentric scientist of Project Nexus 15 years ago who had a higher level access than that of Dr. Christoff and other scientists, as seen by his green clip tag.

In the Story Mode, Christoff comes to Hofnarr asking him as an old friend to help him bring down Project Nexus. Shortly, a group of armed agents enters and Hofnarr realizes that there is no other option. Dr. Hofnarr help Christoff through level [1.5-B], killing foes and opening doors and panels that are restricted to higher-level access. His involvement in the following level is limited to granting Christoff access to the main tower of the Nexus.


  • It is now confirmed Dr. Hofnarr is Tricky, as seen in Madness Project Nexus 2's mission "Sleeper Labs".
    • The-Swain hinted that another major Madness character is present in Episode 1.5. [1]
    • Hofnarr translates to "jester" in German, and Norwegian.
    • The coding of Madness: Project Nexus refers to Dr. Hofnarr's character as "tricky2." Likewise, Dr. Christoff's character is named "jesus2."
    • Once in your party, his player icon will twitch every so often hinting at his demise.
  • There's a glitch that occurs when you go back to the room where Hofnarr was if you have him as company. The glitch is that there are two Dr. Hofnarrs in the room, one spawning inside and the original following you as company.
  • Hofnarr, Jesus and Tricky are the only characters to physically have hair.

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