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Nexus ElectroCannon
The ElectroCannon from Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)
Type: Energy
Attachment(s): Laser sight, scope
Kill(s): 0

The Nexus ElectroCannon is a science-fiction weapon from Madness: Project Nexus (Classic). The ElectroCannon deals a huge amount of damage compacted within that can wear down TAC-Bars quickly and instantly kill most enemies with a single shot. The ElectroCannon shoots glowing red beams with long white electric bolts around it. It is reloaded one round at a time, similarly to the SPAS-12. An experimental product of Project Nexus, the ElectroCannon can be found in the Science Tower in the Story Mode. Because of its overpowered qualities, it cannot be legitimately obtained in Arena Combat Mode.

Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) stats

Nexus ElectroCannon
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
40 260 2 8
÷15 312 0.6 ×20
An experimental Nexus weapon that never made it past the prototype phase.
Price $4433 $5762 $7491


  • The weapon bears a resemblance to the AER9 laser rifle from the Fallout Franchise.