Flying Party
The Flying Party in Madness Combat 5
The Flying Party is a building that occasionally appears in the Madness Combat series. It tends to fall from the sky and has many ravers inside dancing. In Madness Combat 5: Depredation, the flying party also crushed Sanford and Deimos in their convertible after they gave Hank a dragon sword.

Madness Combat 5.5 mainly takes place in the Flying Party from Madness Depredation. Sanford and Deimos fought through the Flying Party for most of the episode, which was naturally full of l33t agents, many of which were drinking. None of the ravers were present in this episode, as many of the "Party Cancelled" posters suggested that the Auditor had ended the party before Sanford and Deimos regained consciousness. Later on, the duo personally encountered Tricky, who overpowered the two and forced them out of the building, which at that point was hovering above the ground. After Sanford and Deimos dispatched all of the agents outside, another building fell to the ground right behind Deimos. Inside, train tracks formed on the floor, and then a train crashed through the building.

The beginning of Madness Combat 6: Antipathy presumably took place in the same building, but after the events of Madness Combat 5.5. In this building, many grunts and agents were going through the l33t recruitment process before Hank's arrival. When Hank reached the Improbability Drive, the building broke apart and a train, driven by Tricky, suddenly ran across where the building stood. After Hank's one-on-one fight with Tricky, another building fell from the sky. In this building, more grunts were in their reassignment process.

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