Music:Juke Bottle Casino
Track(s):Intent to Roll
Release date:July 6, 2007
Body count:1
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Garbage is the second short animation by Krinkels. It is the sequel to Crap.


The short starts with a character forming a look of disapproval. The face then forms into an awesome smiley as he pulls up a Mossberg 500. He walks up to another person with a cat-like face. The feline character exclaims "I AM A LION, RAWR! >:3". The other person shoves his shotgun up the lion's mouth, and shoots, exclaiming "RADICAL!"

The animation then skips to a scene with an airplane hatch. The hatch is seen open and a lot of "look of disapproval" Madness heads fall out. Above, it exclaims "What Has Science Done?"

Another scene, with a large faced Madness head, is then depicted. The eyes on the character become black, as he begins making beeping noises. His mouth then grows all the way across his head, and another, smaller head peeps out.


  • The emote ">:3" is a reference to the "JESUS CHRIST, IT'S A LION GET IN THE CAR!" meme.
  • The scene that says "WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE" uses a famous quote out of the first episode of the Adult Swim series, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," in which the mad scientist, Dr. Weird, witnesses his robot rabbit turn against him and escape and he yells, "What Has Science Done?" [1]

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