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Incident: 010A
Author: Krinkels
Music: Meonly70
Track(s): Incident:010A Song
Release date: September 22, 2011
Running time: 1:55
Protagonist(s): Hank
Main antagonist(s): Zombies, l33t agents, Mag Agent: V4
Body count: 27
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Incident: 010A is an animation by Krinkels that was released on Madness Day 2011. It was the second entry in the Incident series, preceded by Incident: 001A.


At the beginning of the animation, a civilian pounds on the door of a nearby building, attempting to enter while several armed l33t agents inside aren't very sure to open the door or not. Shortly after, several zombies chase after the civilian. Then, out of nowhere, Hank drops down, armed with an M1911 and his signature dragon sword, and he kills the zombies. He then throws the civilian into the building through a boarded-up window.

Shortly after the agents inside were witnessing the civilian thrown through the window, Hank enters and kills the agents as more zombies enter through the now open window, but they are easily killed by Hank. The civilian then begins to light a cigarette, but then Hank approaches him whilst grabbing a Desert Eagle. The animation then cuts to the next room, and Hank enters using the civilian as a meat shield. The agents in the room are killed. Afterward, a Mag Agent: V4 enters, and Hank states; 'The bigger they are...', he then proceeds to fight the agent. He then resumes his sentence with '...The harder they...', but Hank gets pushed to the wall and gets ripped apart in 2 by the mag agent. He utters a short 'Oops', and then the mag agent tosses Hank's two halves on the floor. Hank then simply says 'Damn it'. The mag agent then takes Hank's katana that was in his head and stabs Hank's remains with it. The screen then pans over to the civilian— still alive— as he lights up a cigarette and smokes it. The animation ends with the text "Just another day."



  • This is the first time that zombies have appeared since Madness Combat 5: Depredation, excluding Tricky.
  • This is the first Incident where Hank dies, and indeed, the first animation where a mag agent survives.
  • The civilian that smoked a cigarette at the end is the second character, albeit non-canonically, that smokes without getting killed. The first time was in Vomit.