Incident: 011A
Incident011a nails
Mag Agent: Torture attacks a group of grunts.
Release date:April 6, 2012
Running time:2:12
Protagonist(s):Mag Agent: Torture
Main antagonist(s):Grunts
Body count:24
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Incident: 011A is an Incident animation made by Krinkels. It was released April 6, 2012. It mainly consists of Mag Agent: Torture going rogue and smashing through a building killing grunts.


The animation begins showing a grunt taking out the garbage. He begins to light a cigarette when suddenly, a powerful force smashes into the nearby wall, cracking it. The grunt moves closer to investigate when suddenly Mag Agent: Torture smashes his hand through and pulls the grunt through the hole in the wall which is too small for the grunt to fit, resulting in the tearing off of the grunt's head. Torture then proceeds to break through the wall. He then pulls out his crimson shades and puts them on, saying: "THEIR DISHARMONY IS MY PAIN." He proceeds to enter the next room and says: "AND MY PAIN...". Torture then dashes into the next room and picks up a grunt and says: "BELONGS TO THEM." Torture proceeds to tear through the building, murdering grunts in his path, mostly by crushing them or flinging them across the room. Towards the end, Torture kills the grunt known as Rich with his own desk. Afterwards, Torture is killed by a grunt wielding a M203. His head explodes, and the stakes impaled into his head fall out. His shades remain intact. Afterwards, the grunt that killed him wipes the blood off his eyes, and the Hot dog vendor arrives at the scene and begins mopping up the remains of the fallen Mag agent, but not before said grunt wipes the blood on his hand on the hot dog vendor's apron. With this said and done, the animation ends.



  • Before its release, on under Non-Canon Madness, Incident: 011A could be found with a dead link and missing thumbnail.
  • This is the first Incident animation to have not been released on Madness Day.
  • The grunt that has his own desk is Rich from Madness Combat 2: Redeemer, as seen on the name plate on his desk. This is the only Madness animation to date to feature Rich.
  • This is the only Madness animation made by Krinkels to date, where the main character doesn't use a weapon to kill anyone throughout the entire animation.
    • If you don't count Rich's desk as a weapon.
  • This is so far the second video made by Krinkels to star an enemy as a protagonist. The first one being Jesus in Madness Combat 8: Inundation.
  • This is the first Incident that has money. The second Incident to have money is Incident: 100A, and the third is Incident: 110A.
  • This is the first Incident to not feature Hank at all.
  • This is the first and only Incident not to have any l33t agents.
  • This is the third Incident to feature a mag agent.
  • Oddly enough, when Mag Agent: Torture was blown up, the stakes that were in his head were bloodless and clean.