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Incident: 101A
Suprise, its Tricky.png
Tricky's surprise
Author: Krinkels
Music: Cheshyre
Track(s): Primordial Sludge
Release date: September 22, 2012
Running time: 1:21
Protagonist(s): Civilian
Main antagonist(s): Tricky
Body count: 5
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Incident: 101A is a non-canon animation by Krinkels and is the fifth Incident in the non-canon series. It was released on September 22, 2012 (Madness Day). It features Tricky at the end of the animation.


The Incident starts with a l33t agent who is guarding an entrance of a building behind him and then, a delivery man on a scooter appears from the left. The delivery man dismounts from his scooter and grabs a box on the back of it. He enters the building and starts walking to the right. As he walks, a l33t agent salutes him, while another grabs an M-416 and reloads it as he continues walking.

The delivery man enters another room, one with a drink machine and an M16 propped up next to it. As he continues walking, he reaches an elevator and presses the upward button. He then enters the elevator, pushes a button inside it and the door closes. The screen now goes up a floor, the elevator opens and the grunt, with his box, keeps walking to the right until he arrives to the next room.

Inside the next room, a grunt is seen drawing a penis on a piece of paper on his desk, while the delivery man arrives and puts the box he was carrying on the desk. He then pulls out a clipboard and gives it to the grunt with the pen, so that he can sign it. He gives back the clipboard, the delivery man keeps it and begins to leave the room, as the grunt puts a party hat on his head.

Three more grunts come into the room with a giant cake, and a Happy Birthday sign is shown. However, just as the grunts and delivery man begin to celebrate, Tricky pops out of the cake and kills everyone with an MP5. Tricky takes a chunk of the cake along with the box and hops out the window. The hot dog vendor appears after hearing the commotion and gasps as the animation ends.



  • The hot dog vendor still has the blood stain from Incident: 011A on his apron.
  • This is the very first time in the animations that the animation's protagonist does not kill anyone.
  • This is the third animation Tricky is seen with a gun, besides Madness Combat 2, and Madness Combat 3.
  • Many theorize that Tricky's mask was in the box to explain the fact that Tricky was not wearing his mask in this episode.