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Incident: 111A
Incident 111A.png
Jesus acquires his targets
Author: Krinkels
Music: Cryono77
Track(s): Underworld Concrete
Release date: July 6, 2013
Running time: 0:58
Protagonist(s): Jesus
Main antagonist(s): Demon
Body count: 4
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Incident: 111A is an animation by Krinkels. It is the shortest Incident episode, and the second Incident episode to feature Jesus as the protagonist.


Jesus stands on top of a building looking afar and assembles his TAC-50 sniper rifle. He targets three agents in a distant building. He snipes the first agent, stationed on the roof of the building, and the second agent, situated inside the building.

The third agent is standing just outside the building. Before Jesus is able to fire at him, a demonic figure flashes from the back of the agent's head. Jesus rubs his eyes and targets the agent again, who seems to have abnormally moved a little to the left. The Demon reappears and the agent's head is turned at an impossible angle to look directly at Jesus. Jesus becomes frustrated and looks through the scope of his rifle yet again. This time Jesus finds the agent has been slaughtered, and the words "YOU NEED ME" are written on the wall with his blood.

The demonic figure attacking Jesus

The Demon suddenly appears right in front of Jesus, his head begins to bleed as tentacle-like appendages extend out of the Demon. The screen goes to black, then shows increasing amounts of blood splatter as the watcher can hear sounds of Jesus being butchered.



  • The Demon is a rejected concept of the Tricky and Auditor crossover in Madness Combat 11.
  • The sound effect that faintly plays when the Demon appears is from the game SCP Containment Breach.
  • The sound effect is when SCP-173 gets very near to you and also the sound when Jesus is killed is when SCP-096 managed to successfully kill you in the game.
  • The Demon's mouth highly resembles the grin of the well known Creepypasta image "Smile.jpg". "Smile.jpg" features in another SCP video game, "SCP-087-B".
  • With a body count of 4, this episode has one of the lowest death tolls throughout the Madness library (in fact, the lowest death toll if one only counts "coherent" episodes).
  • The Demon's face flickers several times in the credits.