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Iron pipe
Type: Melee
Used by: Hank, Sanford, grunts, agents
Kill(s): 10 (3 non-canon)

The iron pipe is a cylindrical pipe used in the Madness Combat series as a melee weapon. The iron pipe occasionally tends to get bent up when used to hit enemies. It first appeared in Madness Apotheosis, first used by grunts and Hank. In Madness Combat 5.5, Sanford used one to kill several 1337 agents. Later on, Hank is given one during a battle with Tricky in Madness Antipathy against his streetsign. After Tricky escapes from Hank, Hank enters a building and beats up grunts with the pipe, even gouging one with it. Sanford also used one to kill several mustached characters in ROMP.FLA.

Madness: Project Nexus (Classic) stats

Iron Pipe
Damage Range Accuracy Durability
6 125 - 20
- - - -
The damage isn't anything to brag about, but the range of a stainless steel pipe is a definite perk.
Price $403


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