Leisurely Ragtime
Track(s):Carried Away
Release date:September 22, 2007
Running time:1:08
Body count:1
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Leisurely Ragtime is a Flash animation submitted by Krinkels onto Newgrounds, solely to celebrate Madness Day 2007.


A 1920s-style pianist is gleefully playing on a digital piano. Meanwhile, in the background, a man in a hat and overcoat walks on-screen and turns on a boom-box that plays techno music over the piano. The background then changes to sunbeams, moving in sync with the man's head. Three other men, each wearing their own style of clothing, show up. The presumed leader, a classy looking man with a cup of tea, nicknamed "Saucy," takes out a bowie machete and stabs the dancing man in the chest and torso. Saucy leaves while the other two spectators stand their ground, gaping at the man. The murdered man is suddenly zombified and begins dancing again, bringing the cartoon to an end as the other two men laugh.


  • Ragtime is a genre of music popularized in the turn of the 20th century. Its cardinal trait is its syncopated or "ragged" rhythm. The piano tune in the soundtrack could arguably be considered ragtime.