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Type: Pistol
Attachment(s): Laser sight, suppressor
Used by: Hank, Sanford, Jesus, Mag Agent: V4, l33t agents, A.T.P. engineers
Kill(s): 36 (10 non-canon)

The M1911 is an American single-action, semi-automatic handgun chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. It first appeared in Madness Apotheosis, used by Hank to fight off zombies in Club M. Hank also used a suppressed M1911 in the beginning of Madness Depredation to quietly dispatch 1337 agents. It appeared again in Madness Consternation and all the following episodes as a weapon commonly used by A.A.H.W units.

A giant one appeared in the hands of a Mag Agent: V4 in Madness Abrogation. Its wielder was killed before he could fire it.

The M1911 was also seen in Incident: 010A with an extended 16-round magazine, used by Hank to defend himself from zombies and l33t agents.

While the M1911 does not appear in Madness: Project Nexus (Classic), two of its variants, the 1911A1 Custom and Para 14/45, do.

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