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M79 MI.png
The M79 from Madness Interactive
Type: Explosive
Kill(s): 0

The M79 is a grenade launcher which fires 40mm grenades. It has appeared in Madness Interactive. It is notable that this grenade launcher can fire many grenades without reloading, despite the M79 needing to reload after every shot in real life.

In MADNESS: Project Nexus, the M79 returns as the NexTech 79 or simply N79, and is a very rare weapon in the game. A unique unobtainable variant of this weapon is used by Harmacist units which rather than explode, fire a dart that induces a drugged state slowing down attack speed. In Arena Mode, it is a weapon that can sometimes be sold by Chef Pava shortly after the completion of The Goods.

Madness Interactive stats

Grenade launcher
Damage Ammo
10 + explosion damage 6

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