• Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 0
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 1
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 2
  • Concept art of the MERC Gunner Class 3
  • Concept art of the MERC Captain
  • Concept art of the MERC Sarge
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus 2
Appearances:1 (game only)

The MERC faction, a rag-tag, barely functional group that roamed Nevada, constantly on the cusp of being completely obliterated. The incident at the Nexus core, however, allowed their opportunistic leaders to seize the weapons and means to train their units, as well as expand their ranks to such a degree that they present a substantial threat. They possess the ability to traverse the city's Great Walls with greater ease than even the A.A.H.W., and their swollen numbers lend to a brutal, versatle force that is to be reckoned with. Intel find that while their units fall into archetypical roles, the results they produce are nothing to dismiss.
- Krinkels: MERCs? MERCs.

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Here we have 3D models of the MERC classes, from Gunner classes 1 to 3 and the Captain and Sarge units. A pilot unaffiliated with the MERCs is shown in the top-left.

The MERC faction is a group of enemy units that is set to appear in the upcoming game Madness: Project Nexus 2. They are a rag-tag faction group that roam Nevada, with some members being former A.A.H.W. units. The faction features a wide range of units including basic foot soldiers (Class 0), melee-focused specialists (Class 1), snipers (Class 2), heavily-armored gunners (Class 3), sergeants, and Captains sporting TAC-bars. Some levels also feature the laborer, Civilians wearing hard hats.

In the story mode revealed thus far, they are closely associated with the Sheriff, who has hired their services for his protection. After Sheriff's defeat MERC continues to fight the protagonists out of revenge.


What appears to be a MERC Gunner Class 3 shooting dual Thompson SMGs at a zombie.



Laborers are Grunt-level employees at the MERC explosives factory. They wear hard hats and do not appear to be anything more than hostile Civilians. They seem to be unhappy with their status as one of them states that he wants to blow up the factory.


MERC Scientists are grunts that work on technology for the MERCs. They wear a lab coat with black goggles. They are forced to work and will actually fight other MERCs. Due to the forced labor, they have gone crazy shown in one bonus objective in a arena.


MERC Recruits are the weakest of MERCs actual soldiers. They wear trench coats similar to Hank's in Madness Combat 7: Consternation. Like grunts, they are either overconfident, or very fearful.


The Merczerker is the melee specialist of MERC. They wear boggle-eyed masks, and often spawn with the "bloodlust" status boost, giving them greater attack and movement speed. Their dialogue shows that they get angry over a couple of stuff such as taking shifts as he says he hates menial labor. Another dialogue shows that they hate loud noises as a alarm goes off.


MERC Snipers are dressed similarly to Merczerkers, sporting baseball caps instead of masks. They can be difficult to approach: they have TAC-bars, prefer to stand in high places, and will often frantically dodge if the player draws close with melee weapons. The only time they talk is when a crate is blocking his post and he wants it moved.


Gunners are heavily armored assault troops. They often spawn with at least one automatic weapon. They are resistant to damage, but if stunned can be easily finished off with a melee takedown.


Sergeants are MERC squad leaders. They often come armed with guns, but are not much more durable compared to their underlings. They are dressed in red epaulettes.


Captains are high-ranking MERC commanders and experienced fighters. Captains sport TAC-bars and are very aggressive, and have a second Corpus block for twice as much health. They wear sunglasses and extra large pauldron-shaped epaulettes.


  • In concept art, the most powerful rank of MERC with the largest epaulettes is the Sergeant, not the Captain. In the game proper these names have been switched, and now Captains are the most powerful rank.

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