Madness Combat Wiki

A screenshot of the Gear Shop.

The Gear Shop is a store accessible through Arena Combat Mode in Madness: Project Nexus (Classic). The shop sells both Weapons and Armor for the player to purchase. The weapons and armor available to you depend on your player's level. For example, the only guns available at the start of Arena Combat Mode (Level 1) are Walther PPKs, Beretta 92s, and Browning HPs. Absolutely no SMGs, Shotguns, or Rifles. Unfortunately, you will not have enough money to buy any of these.

At level 20, all weapons will be unlocked allowing you to purchase them if you have the money. The probability of seeing a scoped, lasered, or both scoped and lasered weapon is completely random, they do not correlate to your level nor how much money you have.

However, almost all armor is available to you from the start, but with a very small selection to choose from at a time. In most cases, even high level armor can be found at Level 1, but obviously cannot be purchased or even worn until a high enough Endurance stat is reached.

Below is a list of all weapons that are unlocked for purchase at each level as of V1.8.

Level Guns Unlocked Melees Unlocked Total Items Notes
1 Walther PPK, Beretta 92, Browning HP Switchblade, Bottle 5 Default content.
2 None Hammer 1
3 Glock 20, P1445, 1911A1 Custom, Snub Colt, S&W 500 Snub, USP Match Iron pipe, Iron knife 9
4 None Mallet 1
5 None Bowie knife, Baseball bat 2
6 Automag V, Five-seven, Desert Eagle, Colt Revolver, S&W 500, SMG2, MP7, Norinco 97k Baton 9 First SMGs, shotguns
7 None Crowbar, Citizen cane 2
8 None Carbon knife 1
9 None Billy club 1
10 Luger P08, OTs-33, Uzi, OA-93, MP-40, MP5, MP5K, Minebea PM-9, Steyr TMP, SPAS-12, Thompson Machete, Iron sword 14 Major milestone.
11 None Carbon sword, Megachette 2
12 None Axe 1
13 None L337 sword, Dragon sword 2
14 None Streetsign 1 Tricky's iconic streetsign.
15 M-11, AK-74, AK-74U, SR-3, Colt M16, AR-15, TAR-21, Steyr AUG, M-416, G36 Binary sword 11 First rifles, Jesus' sword. All melee weapons unlocked.
16 None None 0
17 None None 0
18 None None 0
19 None None 0
20 USAS-12, FAMAS, FN FAL, M-249, M203, Auto9 None 6 All weapons unlocked.