In Madness Interactive, cheats are used to give the player an advantage in the game. They are unlocked for gaining high scores in the main game or challenges. They can also be found on cheat sites. In Madness Interactive, however, the player won't get a score if he/she used any cheats.


These are all of the cheats which can be unlocked.

  • Armstrong. Gives the player double the punch distance.
  • Apollo. Makes all enemies use explosive packs and rockets or grenades
  • Arnold. Gives the player a stronger punch
  • Flcl. Gives all weapons unlimited ammo
  • Guide. All weapons have laser sight
  • Gump. Player speed is doubled
  • Hop. Player jump height is doubled
  • Minnie. Player spawns with a minigun
  • Newyorkminute. Gives player unlimited bullet-time
  • Willis. Makes the player invincible