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  • from your edits and comments on the talk page it seems like you think the FAL is some sort of semi-automatic sniper rifle, which it is not.

    the FAL, going off of the wikipedia (which there is a link to on the FAL page here) and the modern firearms site, is a large family of rifles produced with both semi-auto only and select-fire capabilities, and automatic fire rates ranging from 650-750 rpm, the same as the FNC (which there is already a page for on this wiki, so i'm not sure why you trying to turn the FAL page into an FNC page), and higher than most variants of the AK-47 (referring to your "AK-like chatter" comment), have varying lengths (""assault rifle"-like length"), and some offered with curved magazines, admittedly not as curved as those in the animations

    additionally, the weapons are not always accurately portrayed, such as the TAR-21 and SPAS-12 being huge, and, in nexus, the M16 and TMP firing as fast as the M-11, and the AK-74, AK-74U, SR-3, and G36 firing slower than everything that isn't a shotgun or pistol

    i hate going on rants and sounding mad over things like this, but your logic here is really bizarre

    and on another note, please don't do this again

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