Music Video 2
Music video 2 picV1
The creature stomping on 1337 Agents
Track(s):Flash Intro 2
Release date:April 18, 2006
Main antagonist(s):Agents
Body count:14
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Music Video 2 is the sequel to Music Video. It depicts a struggle between a team of 1337 agents and a large mechanical-ball-like creature.

The animation opens with a shot of the sea. The camera pans up and shows the water bubbling, as well as a factory. A circle rises out of the water, but is caught by a sticky rope. More ropes grab it, and attempt to pull it apart. The ball is pulled onto a cliff, where it is revealed a team of 1337 agents are the ones handling the ropes. The Ball grows two mechanical legs and crushes one of the agents with them. He is grabbed by more ropes, and he suddenly gains eyes not unlike but similar to those of the Auditor. A squad of ships appears and fire a few rounds at the ball. They miss and hit the agents. They take aim again but still hit the agents due to the ball's jump. The ball jumps on top of the ships as the animation ends.