Nasty Pig
Music:Juke Bottle Casino
Release date:May 4, 2009
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Nasty Pig is a short from Krinkels. It was released on May 4, 2009, around the time of the swine flu pandemic.


An anthropomorphic pig walks towards a classic-shaped rocket, saying, "But I'm not a Nasty Pig." He enters the ship and repeatedly presses the launch button. The rocket immediately blasts off, exiting Earth and then crashing into the nose of the moon. It floats away and lands back on Earth, damaged beyond repair. The pig exits the rocket next to a highway and attempts to hitch-hike by flagging down cars. One particular blue car stops, but instead of picking up the pig, the man simply stares at the pig, glares, and then drives off. The pig then repeats his only line, "But I'm Not a Nasty Pig" as the animation closes.

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