Normality restoration
Normality Restoration
A lightning blast

Normality restoration is the process that was initiated by Jesus in a last-ditch attempt to return the world of Madness to normality. It was activated upon the destruction of the Primary Improbability Drive at the end of Madness Combat 8: Inundation. It consists of multiple lightning strikes that drop from the red sky as it cracks apart, revealing white underneath. Its name suggests that it is reverting the abnormalities that occurred when the Improbability Drives were activated.

The first strike destroyed the Auditor's facility, killing Jesus. However, it did not harm the Auditor because of his incorporeal abilities. It is notable that the process began while the secondary Improbability Drive was still active. Deimos' PDA at the beginning of Madness Combat 9: Aggregation displays "the remaining drive will cause normality compromise", indicating that while the process can begin in spite of an active drive, it cannot truly complete until all drives are disabled.

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