Portal Turret AMV
Portal 02
Beginning of the animation
Track(s):Turret Error
Release date:May 21, 2013
Running time:3:53
Protagonist(s):Ephixa penguin
Main antagonist(s):GLaDOS
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Portal Turret AMV is a non-madness animation made by Krinkels and Chung in Newgrounds. It shows the Ephixa penguin as the protagonist, fighting against Turrets and GLaDOS from Portal series.


The scene opens with the text "Somewhere in South Dakota," and then Ephixa squinting at an open warehouse up ahead. Curious, he goes inside to investigate, only for the door to close behind him, and two robotic arms to snatch his headphones and drop him into the C-Aperture science testing lab.

After Ephixa lands in the labs, a screen from GLaDOS tells him that she has claimed his headphones for herself, and brings down two turrets to try and kill him. After evading them, Ephixa spots a weapons locker, and inside he finds an axe, which he uses to defend himself as he clears room from room of turrets and robot arms.

After a while, Ephixa finds a portal gun, which he excitedly takes and uses to aid him as he advances in the labs, and soon enough, he exchanges his axe for an AK-74, which proves to be much more effective.


Ephixa with his AK-74 and portal gun

After this, he finally finds his headphones, but before he can get them, a shadow form of himself appears and tries to kill him, only for Ephixa to use his portal gun to cut him in half, making GLaDOS herself appear, disarm him, and try to kill him from there. Ephixa however, proves to be to much for GLaDOS, and he rips off her head, and reclaims his headphones. After doing so, the screen reappears and says 'You Monster' to Ephixa, only for him to headbutt the screen, put on his headphones and a pair of sunglasses, and says, "DEAL WITH IT," to GLaDOS as he starts to dance to the music.

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