Sanford and Deimos are greeted by the mustached characters
Release date:December 12, 2016
Running time:2:19
Protagonist(s):Sanford, Deimos
Main antagonist(s):Mustached star
Body count:42
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ROMP.FLA is a non-canon animation that was made by Krinkels. It features Sanford and Deimos as protagonists.


The animation begins with Sanford and Deimos about to enter a door on a high platform. Sanford uses a plasma cutter to breach the door. Once inside, the duo clears the room full of agents and an A.T.P. engineer with their MP5 and M16.

The pair then enter the second room, once again using their weapons to kill the agents, engineer and soldat. When they are about to exit the room, the camera focuses on the mustached star on the wall and zooms in on it, stating "PROBLEM DETECTED". Shortly thereafter, the star halts their advance to the next door by shocking the floor, producing a star shaped hole from beneath them.

The duo are soon transported to new ground, where they are greeted by a group of mysterious mustached characters, who direct them to the building in a single, synchronized swoop. The pair walk to the end of the first room, where they encounter the star again on the wall, where it exclaims...






Shortly thereafter, the mustached characters in the room close in on Sanford and Deimos, who then proceed to dispatch all of them with the M16, MP5 and Colt Revolver. Sanford throws his revolver right into one of the mustached character's faces, lodging itself firmly within. This character then tries to remove it, only to discharge the gun and inadvertently an hero.

Sanford and Deimos, now without their firearms, proceed to the next room. Sanford obtains an iron pipe and uses it along with his hook to slay several mustached characters, even deforming one's head, while tearing off another's face. Deimos, on the other hand, uses unarmed attacks to beat them.

ROMP.FLA - Evil mustached creatures

Sanford and Deimos are ambushed by zombie-like mustached characters

The pair then cross a bridge into an empty room. The mustached star then smashes a hole in the wall, with a startling alert, summoning six mustached characters with zombified faces into the room. Despite Sanford and Deimos' best efforts to fight off the mustached characters, they are both brutally mauled with signs and killed.



  • Sanford's revolver fires seven shots in this animation, one more than it normally should.
  • The star was originally from a short called Piss, one of Krinkels' earlier works.
  • For unknown reasons, Deimos' M203 disappears at 0:23.
  • ROMP.FLA was actually started in 2014, but was put on hold for the development of Madness: Project Nexus 2.
  • This was the last animation from Krinkels to be released in .swf format.

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