Saucy basic
Saucy, as seen in Leisurely Ragtime
Debut:Leisurely Ragtime
Appearances:1 (non-canon)
Kills:1 (non-canon)
Enemies:Dancing man

Saucy is the name given to one of the faced characters in Leisurely Ragtime. Saucy appears as a man reminiscent of a Victorian English gentleman. He sports a top hat, has a monocle on his right eye, wears a black coat, and holds a teacup. As with every character in the short he has a mouth and no facial cross.


Leisurely Ragtime

Saucy made his only appearance in Leisurely Ragtime. Saucy was with two companions walking towards the dancing man. He stood next to them as they watched the dancing man dance. Saucy took a sip from his teacup, then abruptly stabbed the dancing man twice with a sword. He put away the sword and walked away, leaving the dancing man dead while his audience stares at the corpse in complete shock.


  • Saucy means having or expressing a bold, lively, or spirited manner. Ironically he kills the dancing man in cold blood.

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