An M16 with a scope attachment
Used by:Sanford, Deimos, Jesus, agents, A.T.P. engineers, A.T.P. soldats

A scope (also known as a telescopic sight) is a firearm attachment seen in several Madness Combat episodes. First seen in Madness Combat 3: Avenger, the scope was attached to a AUG. In Madness Combat 6: Antipathy, scopes are seen on several weapons, such as the M16. Most of the MP7s in the series had scopes on them as well. In Incident: 100A, a l33t agent uses to scope on his AK-74U as a spyglass in order to see an unknown object in the distance. In ROMP.FLA, Sanford had a scope on his MP5 and Deimos had a scope on his M16.

In the updated version of Madness Interactive, a scope is attached to the suppressed MP5. In Madness: Project Nexus, scopes can be found on various firearms, which decreases their oscillation to 30%.

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