Spike gate
A single spike gate with a switch
Used by:Hank, Sanford, Deimos

Spike gates are a relatively new concept added to the Madness Series, making their first appearance in Madness Combat 10: Abrogation, then reappearing in Madness Combat 7.5. They operate by lever and there's usually two groups of them in the same room. However, pairs of gates are linked to form a checkpoint; when the lever is pulled to lower one set of spikes, the other set will rise again.

Hank ripped two out of the ground and used them to skewer a possessed agent in Madness Combat 10, and a group of them went through a dead agent in 7.5. They have also appeared in Madness: Project Nexus, but only as individual gates instead of linked pairs. The first set was lowered by pressing a button, but the others were lowered by activating a terminal. In Mission 1-A, Sanford and Deimos were locked in their cell by a set of spikes, as did a 1337 agent in another cell. Two magnified M-249s and two AR-15s were on a rack covered by spikes in Madness Combat 10, so Sanford lowered them and Hank grabbed one of the mag M-249s before proceeding to the next room.