The Blackguard
Debut:Madness: Project Nexus 2
Role(s):Leader of the Towerguards
Allies:Nexus Core
Enemies:Bandit, MERC, AAHW, Hank, Sanford, Deimos
The Blackguard is a boss in Madness: Project Nexus 2. He is seen in the level Base Jumping.


When first introduced, he exclaims in an old english dialect that he promises to make this an unhonorable fight. After he is reduced to just his helmet he ditches the accent and yells for someone to get his chopper.


He looks like a Tower Guard, except he has black armor with red stripes. He wields a spiked shield and a Dragon Slayer. When his body armor is broken, he has a really skinny build, a meaty head, and a minigun on his back.


He has 3 phases. In his first phase, he is invulnerable to any damage. Use Conduits to break some of The Blackguard's armor. After his armor weakens, his second phase begins and he becomes invulnerable. To break his armor even more, you need to plant C4 on his back by performing two executions consistently. Afterwards you can damage him til he has one corpus left. He then goes to his last phase where he ditches his accent for yelling. He either goes unarmed or uses the minigun on his back. After you defeat him, the two surviving Tower Guards will walk away and not fight you.

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