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The Maker
The Highest Power
Debut: MADNESS: Project Nexus Arena Mode
Appearances: 1 (game only)
Role(s): Creator
Allies: Employers, The Player
Enemies: The Machine, The Nowhere

The Maker is a god like entity and the Highest Power who had a part in the creation of Nevada. He is mentioned in contract 4 of the MADNESS: Project Nexus arena mode, and only appears in the second imprint of this. just before facing the Grand Steward, answering some questions from the player.


His biography and history is mostly shrouded in mystery. However, we do know that he seems to have a hand in the creation of Nevada, but he mentions didn't exactly create it entirely by himself. He also has a great knowledge of how Nevada works and what happens in it, such as The Machine, who The Gambler states is his "Sibling".


His appearance is that of a grunt with a gray suit and dark gray hood similar to that of the Mystery dude, and with a four-pointed star with a violet texture that resembles a galaxy or cosmic space inside it instead of the typical cross. His voice is rather deep as well.

In the game, he appears in a dark place, similar to the one the Gambler brings you to. However this one is completely shrouded in darkness and is only illuminated by a single light bulb hanging from they sky/ceiling with a ground of uncertain composition. The Maker sits in a chair as he speaks to the player of their (The Player's) purpose and what is to come for Nevada.

Dialog between the Player and The Maker

The Player gets transported to an unknown, dark place where The Maker speaks to them of what is to come for them and Nevada;

M: Hello, player. I'm sorry this is how we had to finally meet. Arranging this wasn't easy. And I had to take precautions.

P: So you're supposed to be The Maker? The Creator? You're the All-Powerful god that... Invented Nevada?

M: Not exactly. Yes, but mostly no.

P: Look, I've already had to do all of this a second time just to ask you why I even had to do it in the first place. Are you going to be as vague as your tour guide or am I getting some answers?

M: You already know why you’re here. You returned to the Nowhere. You untold your story, which must then be told again anew.

P: Why is that important? How does feeding myself to the Nowhere "save the world"? Why can’t Doc just enmesh any of... this? There’s Machine and Nowhere all around us.

M: Insufficient. Your colleague needs a direct connection with the fundamental structure of all reality. Enmeshment is the tether, and you are the weight that pulls it through the Mandatus.

P: So what happens this time? When Doc enmeshes the Madnatus and I got back to the Nowhere... what then?

M: Your story becomes untold, and it must be told again. Just as it was before.

P: And if the story isn't told then? If we don't enmesh the Mandatus? What if I refuse to do it?

M: You know what happens, Player.

P: Nevada falls…

M: I don’t imagine this was the news you were looking for, and I’m sorry about that. You’ve already grasped what this means for you.

P: I’m going to be doing this over, and over, and over again, aren’t I…?

M: You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

P: Trapped in time, forever. How would you spin it?

M: Nevada soon plunges into its darkest era. What happens next will unleash unspeakable horrors, most of all for myself. None of us are long for Nevada. But you? You, Player?  You will be spared the fate of all others. You will never know the Hellfire. Your sacrifice is your reward.

P: You know, you didn't have to wait so long to tell me this. Why couldn't you explain this to me the first time?

M: That, sadly, I cannot explain to you, Player. None of this was specifically for your benefit.

P: Huh?

M: And now, our time together has tragically reached an end. Good luck to you both. Nevada will not survive The Madness without your combined strength.

P: Who are you talking about? We're the only ones here!

M: We may yet cross paths once again. Goodbye.

P: Hey!

(From there the light turns off and The Maker disappears, then the player gets transported to the arena where they will fight the Grand Steward.)


Although The Maker has not been seen in action, it can be presumed that he possesses that he is very powerful, enough to fight against the Nowhere and the Machine with the combined power of the player.

Due to his hand in the creation of Nevada, and given his godly status, it isn't out of the question that he may be one of, if not the most powerful character in the entirety of the series, possibly only being rivaled by the Higher Powers. However, even then it is implied that he is above them/it, given the fact that he is called the "Highest Power".

Despite this seemingly infinite power of his, he hides away in his own void realm and seems to be incapable of dealing with the oncoming Madness, possibly due to some form of higher authority of sorts or perhaps some other unfathomable reason.



  • The Maker could be part of the Higher Powers along with The Machine, since The Gambler considers him as one.
  • Due to his clothing similar to that of the Mystery Dude, and his phrase shared with it, "Not long for Nevada", it can be presumed that The Maker is the Mystery Dude or has some relation to it.
  • The Maker seems to be a type of meta-god that could be the representation of the developers in the game.
  • It is highly probable that the the reason The Maker lacks any real cosmic power and chooses to remain hidden is most likely due to some higher authority pursuing him, most likely the Employers, who seem to have taken the role of rulers of Nevada from The Maker.