• Update: Yes they are, he confirmed it. Hello everyone,

    I'm sure you all know about the new Madness series, the "Deimos' Adventures"-series. A new non-canon series about Deimos and also listed in the non-canon-section on

    Cool I thought, but after rewatching it, I noticed that these two animations are different from other non-canon animations.

    Like the obvious connections to the canon series: Deimos scars or burns from his injuries from MC 9 or the Flashbacks in SACRIFICE.fla. The normal non-canon animations, for example the Incidents, never have references to the canon story. The series is the only one with references.

    Also, I if you paid attention, you will notice that, the series has the same creativity level as the canon series. Bringing in new things, instead using old stuff.

    But then I thought, I was overthinking this topic, till Krinkels made a new Newgrounds post and I saw this:

    Sacrifice comment 1
    Sacrifice comment 2

    Has Krinkels indirectly confirmed that Deimos' Adventures are canon? What do you think?

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    • as krinks said up there, i guess time will tell

      for the time being, i suppose giving the anims a new category would be fitting

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    • yeah, right :/

      Also good idea with the categories, I also thought about this.

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    • I feel like this is even more confirmed with the release of "POWERLESS.FLA" as there are even more connections to the main storyline now. I definitely think it's supposed to be canon, and I really hope it is because this mini-series is fantastic.

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