Trench knife
  • The trench knife from Madness Combat 5.5, Madness Combat 8, and onward
  • The trench knife from Madness Combat 3 and Madness Combat 4
  • The trench knife from Madness Combat 6
Used by:Grunts, agents, A.T.P. engineer

The trench knife is a knife with a covered handle grip, spiked knuckle placers at the handle guard, and a long single-edged blade.

It appears several times in Madness Combat, making a first appearance in the hands of a grunt in Avenger, having a small blade. It appears again Antipathy with longer blade. By Madness Combat 5.5 and onward, it has a slightly longer and slightly different blade.

Despite its frequent appearances, the trench knife is yet to be used by a protagonist.

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  • Amusingly, in it's appearance during Expurgation. After emerging out of Tricky's body, the weapon is ignored by Sanford in favor of the MP5K. Possibly alluding to the fact that, a protagonist has yet to use the weapon.

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