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Tricky Madness 2
Tricky Madness 2.png
The beginning of the episode.
Author: Krinkels
Music: Delta 9
Track(s): Mortified
Release date: December 21, 2006
Protagonist(s): Jesus, Tricky
Body count: 3
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Tricky Madness 2 is the sequel to Tricky Bangbanggooberblat. It is an animation focusing on an extremely violent interaction between Jesus and Tricky.


The flash starts out with Tricky twitching and banging his head on the right side of the screen. Flashes of red light coming up from the bottom of the screen intermittently reveals his name in large black letters, with blood spurting around it to the same time as the flashes. Tricky suddenly removes his mask, revealing his mutilated face as Jesus appears in the foreground, quoting "Disembodied" from the death metal band "Resurrection":

"In the beginning of time, there was darkness. While I lay resting in my mother's womb, I soon became a part of the light world."

During the speech, blood splashes in the corners of the screen, revealing words such as "BIRTH", "TAINT", "INNOCENT", "POWERFUL", "CARNAGE", and "DESTROY". Tricky moves back and forth in the background, swinging a hunting machete and laughing maniacally while yelling the word "Listen"; blood also starts running down Jesus's face as he continues his monologue.

"Young in body, evil at heart. With little love around, I became aware of death."

Once Jesus finishes speaking, Tricky steps forward and slices off the lower half of Jesus's face, revealing his teeth and lower jaw. Tricky then kills a civilian with his machete and starts chewing on his intestines, vomiting copious amounts of blood afterward.

Jesus removes his glasses, revealing large evil eyes. He then attempts to kill Tricky by eating him alive, but Tricky simply slices his way through the back of Jesus' skull to escape. He then tears away parts of Jesus' face and punches the exposed flesh to reveal part of the Savior's brain, before running backwards off screen. Tricky then looks downward while shaking more violently than ever, raising his head to reveal that he has the same evil red eyes as Jesus.

Jesus then reappears with a civilian hostage, who Tricky massacres with a chainsaw by impaling it through the civilian’s lower body, as Jesus lowers the helpless victim onto the running weapon. At the pinnacle of his fury, the clown promptly impales Jesus the same way, then grabs him by the skull and jabs his chainsaw into it. The animation abruptly ends with a message from Krinkels: "OK, I'M FUCKING DONE. SORRY. >:["


  • When Tricky attacks the civilian with his machete, a loop of words scroll across the bottom of the screen, all having something to do with death, including: Torture, Blood, Maim and Kill.
  • None of the characters (except the unadorned character Tricky stabs with a sword) have feet.
  • This is the first Madness animation that shows a character with fully voiced dialogue, the second being PSA: Piracy.
  • Tricky appears as he did at the end of Madness Combat 5, with the top of his head stitched back onto his skull after Hank cut it off.
  • Jesus's Halo is absent