H&K USP Match
  • The USP Match from Madness: Project Nexus
  • The USP Match from Madness Combat 6
Attachment(s):Laser sight, suppressor
Used by:Hank, l33t agents
Kill(s):9+ (2+ non-canon)

The H&K USP Match is a handgun that appears once in Madness Combat 6: Antipathy in the hands of a l33t agent before Hank kills him and obtains the gun. He uses it to kill the guards in the next room, before dropping it when its ammo depletes. The USP Match is also a usable weapon in Madness: Project Nexus. If you notice on the older version, the front piece is backwards.

Madness: Project Nexus stats

USP Match 10x22mm
Damage Range Accuracy Ammo
7.5 135 6 17
÷16 162 - ×2
H&K's above average performer excels in damage, capacity and range.
Price $998 $1297

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